Project 0402

TUAN, Tran Anh / KIM OANH, Onh Thi / BINH, Do Van / LAM, Le Thanh / THANG, Phung Ngoc | Hanoi Architecture University

Project Statement

For a civilized, developed and healthy community

As an incessantly developed country, Hong Kong nowadays has a top- world population density. The development is too rapid to cope with the pressure of urbanization, the explosion of population, and the technology age. In spite of huge successful achievements in modern life, people are gradually losing their connection with nature. Although cities now are having a large number of high-rise buildings and modern skyscrapers, it’s lacking green spaces for the community.

Therefore, the public spaces with high quality, beautiful landscape, and environmental sustainability dedicate to counteract the impacts of urban heat island and prove the city’s face. Humans are the main users and factors of these urban complex structures, so creating friendly, healthy, and human-oriented spaces is essential.

How do the public realms maximize its potential and sustainability? A public realm with the main functions of Meditation, Reading, and Connecting with nature is our team’s proposal to answer this question.

Creating a public space with easy accessibilities, environmentally friendly features, conveniently usable facilities, and human harmony has been a difficult problem that any modern urban needs a solution. Additionally, putting the characteristics and brand of that space into indigenous people’s minds and lifestyle is really important to make the public space sustainable.

According to the research of local people’s activities, we highly propose to apply MEDITATION in Lok Hing Lane. We believe that if meditation gradually becomes a part of the resident’s life, this space will truly become sustainable.

Meditation which was originally considered an Eastern culture now is popular all around the world. The benefits of meditation have been researched and proved that it helps people to relieve stress, rejuvenate,  love their life, connect with others, focus more, have better sleep, etc

The gate section which is combined with bookshelves creates ventilation within the walls and lets people get books easily. The stratified floors in the reading place increase used areas without breaking the surrounding greenery. The meditation area is created with seats and Hong Kong’s natural elements such as stones, water, and plants. The highlight of this area is a big leaf placed on the water as a priceless gift of nature.

In our design space, people can come and read a book, have their lunch, chat with friends, drink their beer, play cardboards, have a rest, etc. Children have their play area. Most importantly, everybody can meditate in an open, green space to relax after a hard-working day.