Project 0416

TRAN, SANG / PHAN, VI / PHAM, An / TRAN, Han | Danang University of Technology

Project Statement

Vision – Awesomeness – Soul – Happiness”

Lok Hing Garden has already solved adequately most issues of the site; however, the space hasn’t been used to its full potential: The outdated and bulky public space has some small-scale areas which are available but empty and unused most of the time.

We have worked towards solutions to the space, and here are what we ended up with: making transformations in terms of circulation, design and amenities; refurbishing the unused spaces, and last but not least attempting to turn the space into the story-telling architecture.

Pedestrian area

  • We try to enhance the amenity for the space users by carefully positioning the stairs, landscaping and seating.
  • We also take the bare walls into consideration; we attempt to redesign and widen the use of them.
  • As the pedestrians are drawn to the sidewalk, before their very eyes will be the system of canopies built from colorful canvas, which optimizes the use of the space in summer. The system allows for the removal of the canopies in winter.
  • The small podiums on which there are the historical stories of Hong Kong are interleaved between the blank spaces of the wave benches. We believe this is how the space tells the stories, conveys the knowledge as well as provokes the space users into curiosity and inspiration.

The pavilion

  • On the small lane leading to the side entrance of the bridge, there will be rounded pavilions in different height and density welcoming the pedestrians to take a seat and relax.
  • Along Pottinger Street and facing the upper level of Lok Hing Lane Garden, four semi-open pavilions are replaced by a whimsical and inhabitable surface. The multiplicity of surface undulation types and sizes can both provide pedestrians various seating options and enhance a groundbreaking appearance for the landscape.

“No man purchases a book if it does not have any words. The same for architecture, who will genuinely love a place if there is no story being told and no feeling being touched?”