Project 0309

LI, Xinwei Li / DAI, Wanping | Politecnico di Torino

Project Statement

The site is located in a prosperous commercial street, the under-bridge sitting-out area provides shelter for a pedestrian to sit and have a rest. whereas, during the night it becomes a dark area with dim light. In order to pour new energy to this region, we proposed to transform the sitting-out area into a linear plaza, providing not only a place to sit but also a place for gathering and activities. The design of under-stair pavilions are able to store chairs, tables, a projector, and a temporary platform, people can play a card game, dance, or even have a soccer game projection here during the night.

Meanwhile, we also make improvements on n walkway and the terraced in front of the market. Buffer lane at each narrowed entrance makes people more easily notice the upper floor commercial space, gives the more potential business opportunity for later development. Project the façade on the ground according to the type of commercial, give guidance to people and help them to find their destination fast also meanwhile give better visual effect.

Corporate with the renovation of three-zone, we aim to integrate and motivate the whole area giving good feedback both to the pedestrian and shop keeper, make it a more vivid street to serve the surrounding.