Project 0222

陳晟哲 / 董小凡 / 辛志穎 / 周美岑 | Shenyang Jian-Zhu University

Project Statement

It was a children playground, but it lost its original vitality, mainly used by the elderly and workers. Because of its three ring buildings, one facing the street location conditions, the attraction to children is weak. Based on the above factors, modular mobile devices are considered to create exclusive activity places for children of different ages and improve children participation.

People can change the sense of layering, openness and privacy of the space by changing the position of the squares. Squares with different functions of high and low can be slid off the wall to provide functions in different environments. Such as providing shelter space when it rains, providing light at night, participating in the renovation of the old site in this variable modular way, and activating the site with innovative means.

The site mainly serves children, but also meets the diversified needs of the elderly, workers, office workers, Filipino servants, etc. Different types of people can find and create suitable space for themselves. For example, the office workers during lunch break can stand on the low wall and read books. The Filipino maids who rest on weekends can lie in their own small area and have dinner with good friends. The workers who wash shoes in the toilet after work can lie down nearby and rest. The elderly can build their own chess and card tables and play chess.

Children can shuttle between the hollowed-out walls. Older children can climb the higher wall modules. The reflective mirrors inlaid on the higher wall modules can see the further scenery.

The advantage of modularization lies in the simplest monomer, which can be freely combined into different functions with appropriate human body scale, and it is convenient for people to use. The interior of the wall facing the street and some modules at the top are planted with a large number of green plants to absorb the disturbing smell of the surrounding environment.

Decorate the wall with green plants, bring fresh and natural environmental feeling, and conform to the life philosophy of low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development. Mobile devices can improve children hands-on ability and imagination children creativity can activate the vitality of modular venues.

Kau U Fong Children Playground, of this competition, represents an opportunity to experiment with innovative interventions that could potentially change the aspect of this strategic area of the city. The modular concept can be applied to more urban open spaces to improve people sense of happiness and participation in life.