Project 0111

Antohe, Irina / Pana, Sanziana / Serban, Camelia / Stanciu, Crina | ION MINCU

Project Statement


Commonly framed by surrounding buildings, public space is a major part of the tapestry of the cities. They regulate social life and make differences between distinct places, regarding particular publics and activities. Hence, we designed a playful environment by using the already given landscape of the city to create 3 floors where it was essential to intervene on both the surface of the platforms and the urban furniture.

Firstly, we enriched the current public space with a structure that takes advantage of the interstitial spaces to expand the range of the possible activities. This an extremely important feature if we take into consideration the high density of built area and population in Hong Kong.

This scaffolding like structure follows the same grid as the pavement and it mainly serves 3 purposes:

SIT level: on this level we can see a structure that has as a main element a stair with numerous landing areas due to the 2×2 m module. On the landing area one may discover tables, benches and chairs.  In addition to this, we opted for a homogenous pavement surface, so we used only one type of exposed aggregate concrete tiles.  The chosen square grid is obtained by placing concrete pot-like structures on the limits of the sit area.

MOVE level: having in mind this purpose, we made a collage of different experimental surfaces. Thus, the essential structure-element here is the catwalk. This structure connects the first and third platform and also serves as a belvedere.

Additionally, the horizontal area is separated in two regions. On the North side we placed a water basin that has the bottom finished with various size of stones and tile, from coarse to fine. The water smoothly vanishes through the stones on the NE and E side where we placed a small sand garden.

On S, SV and V side we have the mainly green area. We used the same materials as mentioned previously in order to obtain a gradient from full grass covered surfaces to exclusively mineral ones.PLAY level: this level was the most ambitious one inasmuch as the already existing public space made for playing was not that abundant. Consequently, we used the space in order to simultaneously expand the playground and to create a stair with multiple landings