Project 0108

Ouyang, Mingyue | China University of Geosciences

Project Statement

Wa On Lane Sitting-Out Area is a public green space created in the cracks of high-rise buildings in Hong Kong. Compared to the skyscrapers in the city, the sitting-out area is too small and easy to be forget. The sitting-out area is not a vibrant space with very high density of use, and at night it becomes extremely quiet with very few visitors. On Sundays, the Filipino community would visit the place and spend most of their day there eating, chatting, dancing and singing. Unlike Hong Kong, “the paradise for shoppers” gives most of the tourists an impression as “busy and crowded international metropolis”, this area is a piece of pixel block, tiny and gradually losing its vitality. But for some specific groups, it is a happy place carrying joy.

The project is trying to enhance the sociability and individuality of the public space, using “pixel”as the design elements to create meaningful and profound plot experience and increase the possibility of socializing by maximizing the function of the public space.

First floor is convenient for nearby people to have some short rest and provides a meditation garden maze for whoever wants to take a little break and get some inspiration from plants in the garden. Second floor is a dynamic space that includes children’s playground, table tennis area, individual gathering area and free space for party use or small concert. The third floor is a relatively quiet area: The low-rise square planting areas of different sizes form a small garden, and a three-dimensional planting flower wall is designed on the border with the residential area, trying to let people strolling here to feel a sense of nature.