Dear Students thanks for your interest in UrbanactionsHK. We are very glad to have received many applications this year. We tried our best to select the best candidates for the workshop but it was really hard to decide because we received so many good portfolios. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to accept all the requests. If your name is not on this list don’t be discouraged, you can try again for other opportunities as they become available in the future.

We’ll look forward to meeting you in Hong Kong.

  1. KUO Karen
  2. CHAN Wing Luk Michael
  3. Ban Xinghua
  4. Liu Chengming
  5. Zou Pingxiu
  6. Cui Yang
  7. Wu Jingbin
  8. Wang Yining
  9. John David Roque
  10. Ina Baylon
  11. Joanne Pastores
  12. Shalena Caasi
  13. Antonella Pellechia
  14. Valentina Rossini
  15. Margherita Panice
  16. Shi Tang
  17. Hager Elbeltagi
  18. Yehan Zhang
  19. LIU Ting
  20. Wong Ying Yu
  21. Wong Heater
  22. Jamin Celine
  23. Zhang Shuqi
  24. Lip Ricky
  25. Ha Chui Ying (Gloria)
  26. Romei Giovanni Andrea
  27. ZHANG Qi
  28. Paul Plankensteiner
  29. Sattler Michael
  30. Eric Chan
  31. Deng Haiqi
  32. Wu Liang-Chun
  33. Chen Wei I
  34. Li Nan
  35. WANG Yujue
  36. ZHU Yi Tao
  37. Ching Wai Fung
  38. Rupali Morzaria
  39. YEN, Poon Yan Tung
  40. WU, Yi-JAne
  41. Oh Kayeon
  42. Zhang Likun
  43. Zhao Shule, Sherry
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