Fermín Vázquez

Fermín Vázquez Architect from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ETSAM) is the head of the b720, founded in 1997. He has taught architectural design at the European University of Madrid, the École d’Architecture et de Paysage in Bordeaux and the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB). He participates in workshops and conferences at institutions and universities around the world.

About b720

b720 Fermín Vázquez Arquitectos is an architecture and urban planning office founded in 1997 by Fermin Vazquez and Ana Bassat. The Studio operates globally from Spain and Brazil. Their work has been exhibited and published extensively and has received numerous prices and awards worldwide.

b720’s architecture addresses contemporaneity  through rigorous research of social and technical implication of the discipline. The coherence of the firm’s work is based on a distinctive way of working that deliberately avoids the development of a particular style or formalistic approach. Each project emerges from the search for a specific solution, with clients and society as essential reference points. The response to the programme, context, budget and time constraints is necessarily unique.

They have recently built the Encants Market in Barcelona and the Spanish Pavilion in Milan Expo. Porto Alegre’s waterfront, Forma Itaim Tower in São Paulo and VP Hotel in Madrid are among their jobs under construction at the moment.

More info at www.b720.com

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